Collection: Clinical Video Library

Welcome to the clinical veterinary library with over 1500 clinical videos and images
This is the UK & Northern European version for cattle and sheep – other regions are under development

Species: You can select from cattle (172) or sheep (139) diseases
For each condition there is a

  • Disease summary
  • Videos and images for the disease – which you can quickly scroll through
  • Case history – as presenting signs can vary from case to case for a particular disease we try to feature a number of different cases for each disease to reflect the variation in presenting signs
  • Key search terms - used to search for the condition
  • Differential diagnosis - list of possible differential diagnosis which is shortened the more search terms you enter

Body system: You can search by body system for cattle or sheep

Key clinical search terms: the more clinical search terms you enter for cattle or sheep, the narrower your list of differentials will

Diseases: this is an A-Z of diseases

  • 172 cattle diseases
  • 139 sheep diseases

We are interested in collaborating with animal health organisations from around the world to develop this veterinary resource, so please get in touch

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