Collection: Parasite Forecast & Alerts Subscription

NADIS offers monthly parasite forecasts and alerts for farms, based on detailed weather data for individual 40 sq km areas across the UK, so wherever your farm is, we have parasite forecasts and strategic alerts for livestock under your care - including alerts for:

  • Nematodirus
  • Blowfly strike
  • Liver fluke (cattle and sheep)

Subscribing farmers will receive 12 monthly parasite forecasts, either for cattle or sheep or both, with updated alerts sent at strategic times. The forecasts will be sent to you at the start of each month, alerts will be updated during the month as risk levels change.

This is a service for individual farms and not for recirculation (copyright NADIS)

There are 2 levels of subscription

  • Cattle Parasite Forecast only £24/annum plus VAT
  • Sheep Parasite Forecast only £24/annum plus VAT
  • Cattle and Sheep Parasite Forecast £30/annum plus VAT

An example of Sheep and Cattle Parasite Forecasts:


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